ICON Hello!

Hey, I'm Blake, aka PROTODOME. I'm a musician, PhD student and VLE designer from Portsmouth, UK. You're probably here because you know me for writing jazz flavoured (UK spelling) chipmusic, but I also mess about with graphics, software and electronics.

If you'd like to get in contact, you should definitely email me at hello@protodome.co.uk. I'd love to hear from you; it's always nice getting mail.

Actually, seeing as you're here, why not check out a short paper I wrote on PSG composition? It's fancy.

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ICON Music

I've got a bunch of chipmusic / chipfusion jazz albums over on bandcamp, but right here, for your listening pleasure, is a little taste of what I get up to musically. You'll notice I use the same bass sound a lot. Some might accuse me of stagnating sonically, or perhaps even creatively. I tell myself that it's my USP.

Hey, it's Chipfunk!

A collaboration with the sexy Shirobon

Here's a huge, 13 minute mashup I did for Weekly Treats.

I created this for a game which you can get hold of here.

More stuff for Weekly Treats. First track by me, second by ol' Petey.

That's enough music for now. You get the idea.

ICON Projects

So, I picked up electronics last year, and a few years earlier I got the programming bug (HA) so now I make software and stuff for fun. It's all a little amateur hour, but please humour me.

Look! It's a single channel 1-bit sequencer! You enter notes aided by a neat little binary LED display.

I made this game way back in 2012; graphics, music- the works. It's demonstrated here by an idiot. If you're on a Windows machine, download and play it!