ICON 3 Hello!

Hey, I'm Blake, aka PROTODOME. I'm a musician, PhD student (and general tech/GFX guy for ThinkSpace Education) from Portsmouth, UK. You're probably here because you know me for writing jazz flavoured (UK spelling) chipmusic, but I also mess about with graphics, software and electronics.

If you'd like to get in contact, you should definitely email me at I'd love to hear from you; it's always nice getting mail.

Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | YouTube | VGMdb

ICON 1 Music

I've got a bunch of chipmusic / chipfusion jazz albums over on Bandcamp, but right here, for your listening pleasure, is a little taste of what I get up to musically. You'll notice I use the same bass sound a lot. Some might accuse me of stagnating sonically, or perhaps even creatively. I tell myself that it's my USP.

Actually, why not play some games with my music in them? More fun than sitting on a website watching me dance. ----> Obliteracers | Ruin of the Reckless | STAR CAT Adventure | 8BitMMO

Cool little demo I did for Impact Soundworks' Super Audio Cart.

Some big-band jazzfunk for the wacky racing game Obliteracers.

Hey, it's CHIPFUNK! Made using 80s / 90s hardware. Check out the album here!

Famifood was written on a real-life Nintendo Entertainment System. Get the whole thing here!

That's enough music for now. You get the idea. (EDIT - I'm kind of uncomfortable with how its cropped this.)

ICON 2 Projects

So, I picked up electronics last year, and a few years earlier I got the programming bug (HA) so now I make software and stuff for fun. It's all a little amateur hour, but please humour me.

A little demo of a recent 1-bit synthesizer I built for the fantastic Benjamin Oliver, ZX Spectrum style. Four reaaallly thin pulse channels logical or'd together in software, alongside a PCM drum channel. It has simulated enveloping and reverb!

Look! It's a single channel 1-bit sequencer! You enter notes aided by a neat little binary LED display. (Ignore the audio lag.)