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Cool little demo I did for Impact Soundworks' Super Audio Cart.

ICON 1 Hello!

Hey, I'm Blake, aka PROTODOME. I'm a musician, PhD student and cool tech guy for ThinkSpace Education from the south coast, UK. You're probably here because you know me for writing jazz chipmusic, but I also mess about with graphics, software and electronics.

If you'd like to get in contact, you should definitely email me at hello((at))protodome((dot))com. I'd love to hear from you; it's always nice getting mail.

I've got a bunch of chipmusic / chipfusion jazz albums over on Bandcamp and on Spotify, Google Play and Amazon Music. You'll notice I use the same bass sound a lot. Some might accuse me of stagnating sonically, or perhaps even creatively. I tell myself that it's my USP.

Download some albums for free:

Some more links:
Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | YouTube | VGMdb

"Repetitive, irritating music"
-pdc1 on STAR CAT Adventure OST

"Largely unmemorable"
-owl_jolson on BLUESHIFT

"Scratches itches that the likes of [...] PROTODOME just can't quite hit"
-Zack Stewart on Serket by Positive Infinity

Hey, why not play some games with my music in them?

Obliteracers | Ruin of the Reckless | STAR CAT Adventure | 8BitMMO

My love-letter to kitsch FM jazzfunk, CHIPFUNK.

Saccharine jazzy chiptune wankery, BLUESHIFT.